A small company that started with a big dream of changing our impact on the environment while doing something we love – Tattooing.

Within the tattoo industry, single-use plastic is common and filling up our landfills in South Africa. In order to make an impactful difference, something from our everyday routine needs to change. 

Our founder, Dustynn Jewell (aka Dust), spent 10 years as a pastry chef and being in the restaurant industry showed him how much single-use plastic and food waste occurs on a day-to-day basis. He needed a change and constantly brought up the conversation of waste and our Earth. He has always been a passionate artist, starting out with drawing and becoming a graffiti artist in his young adult years and eventually realised that all he wants to do is create art on people’s bodies and do it with a clean conscience, knowing that he is being considerate to the Earth.

He spent the last 2 years dedicating himself to source landfill biodegradable products at the best possible price including water cups, razors, “plastic wrap” and gloves making it easier for you, the tattoo artist, to make the transition into a more eco-friendly setup. We may not be able to undo what has already impacted the Earth but we can assist now by making a small change to leave the Earth in a better condition for ourselves and future generations.

To all the artists out there, please help me make a difference. Shop all the essentials through my website or contact me directly on dustbiosupplies@gmail.com for any enquiries.